Jaideep 2.0 : Acknowledging The Strong Hive We Have Co-Created This Year

Jaideep 2.0 : Acknowledging The Strong Hive We Have Co-Created This Year

The year 2017 is coming to an end. Personally, it has been a year of transformation on many fronts. Before I sit in silence (Vipassana) to welcome the next year, I thought I would reflect on the year-long journey. But before that, I have to tell you a story – the honey bee story!

A friend of mine was sharing how trying to measure the contribution of a honey bee was an eye opener to her. She said,

“A bee’s full life effort and work is translated to just 1/12th teaspoon of honey. That’s all! But when the entire hive comes together the magnitude is completely different!”

Jaideep with his bee hive!

With this tiny story, I would love to share some of the most priced lessons I learned this year –

Lesson #1

We started KnowYourStar as a “hobby” (shauk), which over a period of time became “doing” (seva). This year it started transforming into “being” (sadhana) and helped us to experience more “we” moments.

How can we measure the impact the Volunesia circles had on us, the volunteers, students, teachers, the school ecosystem and those who were just following our shares online?

We are experiencing the hive feeling for sure!

Lesson #2

We learned that paying attention is the truest form of gratitude. It taught us to honor the subtlety of things and work as much with what we have. Every Thursday, we have been sharing what is unfolding at our side through heartfelt emails, which has opened up numerous ripples. At times, these have been unimaginable and unbelievable. We definitely don’t want to be proud of a growing list of friends who think of us every Thursday (numbers), instead with all humility, we are learning to accept the thoughts, prayers, responses, and love they are sending week on week. Few readers have shared that our email is something that they eagerly wait for every week, because it brings them smiles.

How do we measure the joy experienced by both of us and measure these smiles?

Jaideep with his bee hive!

Lesson #3

While our personal journeys put us through the right company of friends (sangath), we slowly started to move from delegate/distribute method of operating to sharing/serving principle. Circles have become a part of our life. They’ve brought in waves of new ideas and helped us empty ourselves, and approach everything with a beginner’s mind.

One such idea was trying out few volunteerism models. A container team that consisted of 40 volunteers for India Inclusion Summit, was one such experiment, powered by Allegis, which was the main host of IIS 2017. These 40 friends (including 10 persons with disability) formed the inner circle, and through them the spokes reached out to the bigger circle consisting of 800 guests. So every guest had a container friend to be in touch with! This triggered many-to-many connections and the stories of container team don’t seem to end since friendships last way longer than any event or occasion!

How do we figure our the matrices to measure the beautiful friendships that have cultivated?

Jaideep with his bee hive!

While these lessons illuminate our lives, challenges continue to daunt –

  1. How do we keep ‘just being’ with an untiring mind?
  2. How do we balance financial capital along with all forms of capital we enjoy (thanks to friends and volunteers)?
  3. What does it take to keep winning DFC -like contests while deepening our work and not nursing ego?
  4. How do we become more subtle and invisible in all our activities, surrender to flow, become more grateful and listen to ourselves and everyone around?

I started 2017 with silence and gave myself some space to turn into a heartpreneur. I plan to welcome 2018 with the same spirit and continue learning lessons while facing challenges. Before I head to my 10-day silence doing Vipassana, sharing my deep gratitude and love to you, for just trusting and being with us in this journey. I am reminded of UbuntuWe are because who you are.

Do send in your thoughts and good luck for our TFIx journey and other adventures next year. Just acknowledging the force that brought us together and the hive you have created with us. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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