Lanternship Program – To Create And Nurture Servant Leaders. Registrations Open!

Lanternship Program – To Create And Nurture Servant Leaders. Registrations Open!

“When we will all see our role in society as servants, we will all light up the sky together like countless stars on a dark night.” -Vinoba Bhave

We, at KnowYourStar, have come to strongly believe in leading by laddering – i.e. leading by serving others to attain greater heights instead of using them to climb higher. By laddering each others’ journeys, we become capable of tapping into intelligence that would otherwise not have emerged. We believe that it’s only when this collective spirit comes into play that the real magic happens, changes take place, and a journey of inner transformation begins – leading to a transformed world.

With these thoughts in mind, we wondered what we could offer to dedicated volunteers who wanted to be change-makers. We could see, in many of our volunteers, an appetite to initiate change, the affinity to serve, and the ability to lead by laddering. So we thought, what if we gave them an opportunity to bring about change – outwards and inwards – and help them to become leaders by serving, and to serve by leading?

This led to the inception of Lanternship. This 6-month fellowship aims to identify and work with dedicated people whom we call Lanterns! The idea is to explore the nuances and edges around Volunteerism using the head, heart, and hands.

The ultimate vision behind Lanternship is to create and nurture servant leaders.

Servant leaders don’t crave for limelight. They are happy to bloom where they are planted. We hope to help our lanterns imbibe the spirit of servant leadership by enabling them with the right exposure required to lead from the boundaries, rather than from the centre. We hope to take you through a beautiful journey of service through a well-planned curriculum, while seeking to operate on the highest form of volunteerism effortlessly.

Lanternship Model

As a Lanternship fellow, you will be required to commit to 6 months of volunteerism. This is not a full-time role and can be managed beautifully with your daily job/studies. This is not location specific; anyone living anywhere can apply. You will be required to commit 6 hours every week for 6 months. The fellowship will be dotted with Volunesia activities, insightful articles, weekly calls with fellow lanterns, and reflections from the week’s proceedings.

Break up of weekly 6 hours –

3 hours of Volunesia activities
1 hour reading
1 hour weekly call
1 hour written reflections

(Volunesia is that moment when you forget you’re volunteering to help change lives, because it is changing yours. Volunesia activities basically refer to hands activities, which are again not location specific.)

Who Can Apply?

If volunteerism makes your heart dance with joy; if you cannot wait to be the change you want to see; if you wish to be a part of an ecosystem that thrives on these ideologies; if you resonate with the words written above, please apply!

How To Apply?

All you need to do is fill up a form and we will get back to you soon. We have very limited spots. Applications will be screened on a first come, first serve basis. 🙂


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