Mentor India 2.0 – New Techniques For New Skills

Mentor India 2.0 – New Techniques For New Skills

As usual, after a joyous Mentor India 2.0Week 3, we had a dramatic Week 4. Why dramatic you ask? Read on.

With new volunteers joining us week on week, and some old volunteers making a come-back, Mentor India classes and its students are always rolling forward.

Mentor India Streetplay

Learning With Street-Play

This week, we had a massive street-play session with Mentor Thrilochana. From learning voice modulation, expressions and body language, to conquering public speaking and stage fear, we covered a whole lot of important topics through this super fun activity. The kids had a gala time.

Mentor India Career Guidance

Information-Packed Career Guidance

Before all the play, were a lot of fun knowledge sessions. Mentor Ambresh took career guidance classes elaborating on the numerous choices one has, whether you pass or fail 10th class! There was a lot of confidence boosting and morale building, to help the students realize there’s always a way out of every situation.

Mentor India Problem Solving

Sharpening Problem Solving Abilities

For every problem, there is a solution. We have been helping students identify the problems they face in and around their village, find out its causes, come up with the solutions, and help them solve it on their own. This is the first step towards introducing critical thinking abilities and pave the way for future young rural entrepreneurs.

Mentor India Prasanna Sundaram

New Mentor, New Technique

Apart from that, we had Mentor Prasanna Sundaram joining us this week. He added his own personal touch to the class by introducing new kinds of claps, new action songs and new rules that the students came up with themselves!

Awaiting The Hackathon

We are looking forward to our next session this Saturday, because along with the Mitra Pustak curriculum, we will also be running our first-ever Hackathon simultaneously to build a fully functioning computer lab. We are excited, pumped up, all set to wake up super early, and start our journey to Chikkarasinakere Govt. Kannada Medium High School soon!

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