Mentor India Hackathon – Setting Up Computer Lab For Rural Students

Mentor India Hackathon – Setting Up Computer Lab For Rural Students

Internet of Things (IoT) is a game-changer in most fields. Starting from healthcare to retail- it has left no field untouched. So we also started thinking in the lines of how to leverage IoT in our Mentor India program.

Applying IoT To Mentor India

We wondered whether we could use it for, say, student’s cognitive analysis. But that idea was way too far-fetched! Why? The spacious 10-computer lab in Chikkarasinakere has just 2 working computers. This lab was setup 5 years back, thanks to a donor. Post that, there has been no maintenance and for the last couple of years, no operation.

In one of our classes we asked the students to list out one major problem that they were facing, which they thought needed immediate attention. We were not surprised when we were approached by more than 10 students citing lack of computer knowledge. They did not even know how to switch the computers on, but were very eager to learn.

Hackathon Mentor India

Cranking It Up With A Hackathon

Here’s calling all technology enthusiasts to help us set up a world-class computer lab at this rural school. Help us setup a local server with educative content, which can be connected to other computers through LAN. We are looking up to you to bring in your devices and set up this lab. Also, help us sensitize the students as well as teachers on these devices, so that they turn into next generation hackers!

Your one day of time and a few hours of efforts can change many a days of these rural students from Chikkarasinakere.

If this interests and excites you, please sign up here. And if you know someone who would be interested in this, then please put us in touch or pass on this link to them.

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