Thursday Email – The Story Of Brindavan Tent School Has Only Begun!

Thursday Email – The Story Of Brindavan Tent School Has Only Begun!


Last Thursday we updated you about the painting progress in Brindavan Tent School. The freshly painted bright walls now adorn beautiful paintings of animals, birds, trees, alphabets and so much more. The place finally looks like how a happy school should! The biggest gift we have received after the near-completion of this project is the enrollment of 3 new students. If new kids want to join school and if new parents are motivated to send their kids to school, something’s done right, isn’t it? 🙂

The happiness we experienced in the past week got us thinking how this journey of school transformation has only begun! While we are rightfully celebrating these visible milestones, we are being mindful to remind ourselves to not lose sight of the final goalpost, which is to see these kids emerge as smart, well-educated, happy individuals – ready to face the world with all the 21st century skills. And we have miles and miles to go to achieve this. Like we say, we are in here for a marathon, not a sprint! 🙂

Our first concern was to fix the basic infrastructure of the school, so that the environment becomes conducive for the children to learn. We have now succeeded in eliminating most roadblocks that could possibly hamper a child’s focus from learning. The need of the hour now is to focus all our energies in mentoring these kids to their highest potential, and for this we will continue to need your support.

Even if you have never mentored anyone, join us. Even if you have never interacted with children, join us. Whether you understand the local language or not, join us. You want to kill your spare time productively, join us! We are not looking for subject matter experts, we are only looking for dedicated volunteers who want to make a change in the lives of these children by being the change. Join us as mentors and let’s Mentor India together! 🙂

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