Thursday Email – Our Students Get Their First-Ever Computer Lab In School!

Thursday Email – Our Students Get Their First-Ever Computer Lab In School!
We love celebrating success stories of our students and teachers, but today we celebrate with you a success story that reminded us the power of the collective!
Paranga Vidya Kendra, the school where we implemented Mentor India, is located in the outskirts of Magadi. The pyramid-shaped classrooms are self-sustained without electric lights or fans and the electricity needs of the school are met by solar power. Phone and internet connectivity is hard to get in this location, but does that stop us from wishing that these students also get exposed to the world of computers? NO!
Mr. Ramamurthy, the director of the school, mentioned his dream of setting up a computer lab here about 2 years ago after one of our classes. The wheels that we set in motion then saw its fruition this Monday morning, thanks to the wonderful folks at Intuit, who donated 20 laptops! The story behind this collaboration itself is beautiful and you can read all about in our blog article. Very grateful to be holding hands with these amazing people, for whom serving is a thing of joy, a sense of duty, and a way of life!
Our week began with smiles and it’s been hard to wipe that off our faces as we imagine the different possibilities this has opened in the lives of the students of this school. We are now putting together a good computer curriculum that the kids can start off with.
It’s hard to tell who is more excited… us or the kids?! 😀
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