Thursday Email – If Your Contribution Brightened A Child’s Life, Would You Consider A Small Donation? :)

Thursday Email – If Your Contribution Brightened A Child’s Life, Would You Consider A Small Donation? :)
The field of education, as we have come to realise, is a tricky place to garner financial support easily. The reason being there are no quick results to show. It takes years of sowing and watering, before we can see the bloom and harvest! While we have no trees to show, we do have many little plants sprouting out beautifully. And we thought we’ll share some of these small stories of great impact with you! Here’s one of many more to come –
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This little achievement was such a learning experience for our students. They were so proud of their own capabilities; they now call themselves superheroes and are waiting to spot problems and solve them. Problem solving has moved from “It’s someone else’s responsibility” to “We can solve this together!” 🙂
That said, after our last week’s email, we were touched by the contributions that came in with such supportive accompanying messages. One of our friends, Anuska Varma, has been a long time supporter of KnowYourStar since its inception, when our work was known only to a handful of people. She had this to say when she made her contribution –

“Yes, I’ll always have your back! 🙂
Education is a very important aspect of life so I am totally up for making the future brighter for these students.”

We have been seeing immense potential in each and every kid, and they have come such a long way in the last year. We cannot wait to see them grow, solve more problems, and build stronger dreams! We invite you to be a part of this journey by making a donation, and brightening many young and deserving minds. 🙂
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With gratitude, smiles and cheers,

Pranita Bhat
Co-Founder at KnowYourStar
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“When you learn, teach. When you get, give.” — Maya Angelou

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