Thursday Email – Hearty Prayers Of Prosperity For You And Me This Auspicious Week! :)

Thursday Email – Hearty Prayers Of Prosperity For You And Me This Auspicious Week! :)

The festival of the elephant-faced god is here. Our kids in school love Ganesh Chaturthi, and we think it’s because of the animal face. Last year, as part of Mentor India, we had conducted a competition to design a Ganapati using clay. We went prepared with a cheatsheet, design tricks etc, which we thought we’ll present them with when they get stuck.

But to our surprise, the kids just jumped into the task, and churned out such amazing little Ganesha idols, we just stood gaping! They went a step ahead and went around the school to gather flowers, leaves, twigs, literally anything they could get their hands on and decorated it as well. Our cheatsheets went back into the bag and never came out again!

As the festival comes closer, we thought we’ll share this fond memory with you. Take a look at these beautiful eco-friendly little Ganesha idols!

Ganesha by Gunita in Thursday email

That said, last Volunesia we were all set with some creative Ganesha activities for the kids. Our volunteers had stayed up late the previous night doing their homework and prepping for the circle!!! But due to some circumstances we couldn’t execute it, but the way the volunteers adapted to the changed course was so beautiful.

The unplanned Volunesia turned out to be such a great experience with beautiful insights. Our youngest Volunesian – Gunita, made the most of it though. She made so many Ganesha drawings, and was even giving herself written feedback. We were just amazed when we stumbled upon this. Take a look –

Wishing you all a very Happy Ganesh Chaturthi. We hope this auspicious occasion brings into your life all that Lord Ganesha stands for – prosperity, successful beginnings, and an obstacle-less journey!

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