Thursday Email – Head – Heart – Hands – A Transformational Weekend!

Thursday Email – Head – Heart – Hands – A Transformational Weekend!


The last weekend has been one packed with so much heart and action! Team KYS was in Manipal to attend the National Conference on Youth in Social Change organised by Manipal University (which also happens to be the alma mater of Jaideep and Pranita!) We set up our first-ever KnowYourStar stall for 2 days as part of Manipal Seva Mela, where we launched our Passion To Profession tool.

The cherry on the cake was getting to meet Anshu Gupta – the founder of Goonj, with whom we got to spend some quality time, showing him our beautiful city of Udupi and getting mentored by the master of service himself! That said, we were overwhelmed with our interaction with the youth of Manipal, who were so eager to volunteer and give their time to social causes. We wondered what we were up to at that beautiful productive age!


While the entire team was in Manipal, one would figure our Volunesia Saturday would have taken a pause. But no! While we were away, beautiful volunteers led by lovely Tharanath Ji and the Seva Cafe brigade painted our tent school yellow, while workers led by Sumathi Ji from The Satsang Foundation fixed the flooring with beautiful tiles! Yes, the look of the school has transformed so beautifully and so have the looks on the faces of our lovely children! Read more about it on our blog! 🙂

We kept receiving picture updates, and every picture just made our smiles wider and brighter! We are so glad we have reached a point where our amazing Volunesians are holding space for us and assuring us that the show will go on, with or without us! This stage of effortlessness and collaboration is so welcome. <3 

A big bear hug to you for supporting us on this journey and being an invisible hand in shaping the action of our intentions! Leaving you with the following recommended read for the week –

With gratitude, smiles and cheers,
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