Thursday Email – Welcoming Fresh Waves In Still Waters

Thursday Email – Welcoming Fresh Waves In Still Waters
In the last email, we told you that the endline assessment of the Brindavan Tent School is being analysed. Well, the wait is done, and we have the result data in hands! Words are less to express the joy we feel after seeing the progress these tiny people have shown, which goes on to show the wonders they can achieve with a little love and support. 🙂
Here’s an overview you can take a look at –
[Refer featured image above]
Isn’t that just wonderful?! We are really thrilled seeing what a year of student intervention can do, even in a tent school with so many unfavourable situations. This wouldn’t have been possible without our friends at Tarkeybein, whose English curriculum was implemented in our classes. Read more about how their curriculum immensely helped us! 🙂
Covering these happy milestones is a feeling we can’t possibly convey in its entirety. But we can tell you how this has pumped us up to take up more challenges in this year. Earlier last week at our monthly KYS retreat, we switched off our phones for a day as usual, and chalked out some exciting things to work on this year, concentrating a little extra on the teachers. We don’t want teachers to help the mission anymore, we want them to drive it!
Know more about our thought process in our blog post, which is one of the recommended reads for this week –
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