The ‘Week Of Learning’ Has Been A Peek Into Life Lessons That Matter

The ‘Week Of Learning’ Has Been A Peek Into Life Lessons That Matter

Our ‘Week Of Learning’ campaign brought in such deep life lessons from our dear ones, we were happy to celebrate Teacher’s Day by not just acknowledging the teachers in our life, but also those who have impacted our ecosystem in such beautiful ways directly or indirectly!

We were told how this exercise of acknowledging a teacher made them think through so many life lessons taught by so many people. Though we acknowledged one person in the post, we ended up acknowledging their valuable presence in our lives deep in our hearts. We are touched by the ripples that generated from this insightful journey down nostalgia’s lane, and how can we not share some of that with you! 🙂

Old Books That Still Ring With Fresh Life Lessons

Sneha Shekhar shares – “Teachers… They come in all shapes and sizes, don’t they?! Each with a unique blend of values and learnings that linger with us long after they are gone. And many years later, you would randomly quote a proverb or remember a formula and it strikes you. You realize that they have left a part of themselves inside you. A library-of-sorts where you could reach out to for an answer – you only need to know where to look.

When I find myself saying ‘History repeats itself’ or dramatically quoting ‘He came like the wind!’; when I notice how it has almost become involuntary to not clear my throat in public, when I obsess over handwriting, even when I can hear ‘Walk on Heel’ silently ringing in my ears as I walk, I pause for a moment to savour the nostalgia that comes with it. A warmth rises within that breaks into a smile.

And among all those wonderful souls, let me today, remember one such person – one of my English teachers in high school. His deep voice and mastery of the language inspired us to read, recite and write better. Most of us still remember the day he taught us to properly say ‘Very Welcome’. As for teaching values, I must say he adopted a very different strategy. He simply told us to read ‘Lord of the Flies’.

Years later, as I read and re-read the book I realize the value of his suggestion, his hope for us – a set of teenage students trying to cope with the nuances and novelties of adulthood, and his blessings safely hidden between the pages of this epic book.”

Acknowledging Teachers From Different Aspects Of Life

Kiran Ghatage on Week Of Learning

Kiran Ghatage shares – “I come from a simple, satisfied and combined family. Native is from a rural area. When I started thinking about this article I was totally into dilemma what I should write. It is difficult for me to write about one person. I decided to thanks whoever came in my mind.

My mother taught me social values. How to maintain relations with people. She is responsible for my love for good food, cooking and respect food. My father taught me to analyze the situation. Always be ready for the disaster in life. When you prepare yourself for rock bottom situation you are always prepared to accept success or failure.

When I started career my IT teacher and mentor, Sandeep Surve, voluntarily walked to my desk and told; You will get situation while working and coding where you feel hopeless and feel like running away from it. Don’t give up and dive deep without expecting. I still feel like a student of IT field and that mantra is secret behind my survival. In last 5 years, I got engaged with a hidden gem who was my manager Rajkumara. I asked him doubt from all area; he was such an egoless and knowledgeable person. He didn’t keep any question pending in his plate. His mantras about life and career pushed me to stay long at one place. I will cherish that time for life long.

In my spiritual journey Hardik Vaishnav took me along. He was always there to clear my doubts and pacify my frustration. I was very lucky to have him around.

As a closing note, I suggest to my friends. There is a lot of positivity flowing around, you take a pause and observe. Learn from it, apply the experience and knowledge which you are carrying. Also, observe that breath is not only exhale and inhale, there is a pause/gap after each exhale. Keep smiling and keep breathing.”

When Grandmother Passes On Her True Gems

Preksha Dhariwal on Week Of Learning

Preksha Dhariwal shares –One day you’ll leave this world behind so live a life you will remember is the lyrics of one of my favourite songs. And if there is someone who has lived by those words it has got to be this lady in the picture, my grandma! I still remember the times when I was kid and I would cry even for the smallest of the smallest things, she would put her arms around me and say why cry when you can smile!

I remember the times when the 16 year child in me would always argue that what can I gain from it, why should I do it? And she would once again put those loving arms around me and say why take when you can give! In a world full of negativities where people hate each other, she puts her arm across anyone who she encounters along the journey and says, why hate when you can love?

Amongst the million other things that she has taught me, it is these simple things that she taught that rather lived by. Someone who has inspired me by her words and later by living those words all her life. And now that the kid has grown a bit, it’s time she puts her arms around people and live by those simple things that her grandma has taught her. Thank you for being the sweetest granny but more importantly an amazing teacher!”

Collecting Love And Wisdom From Parents

Preethi Shetty on Week Of Learning

Preethi Shetty shares – “On occasion of Teachers’ Day, when I was asked to write a few lines on that one person who influenced me the most, it took me a while to decide who would I write on. Ever since school I have had some great teachers who have added value to my life and taught me something or the other which I still follow, but the 2 people who have had the most influence on me, not because they are related to me by blood, but because whatever I am today, my beliefs, my ideologies – it’s all because of them and they are my Parents!

While my Dad taught me values that will make me lead a happy and full life, my mom has always shown me how to devote some time of my life to do good to others who are in need and always to be passionate and pursue what I believe in.

While there are a lot to mention about what they have taught me, there are so many more that I picked up just by watching their actions and I don’t think I could have had any better guidance than this to lead my life the right way. Love you Mommy, Daddy, you are my life!

Deep gratitude to you for sharing these lessons with us, which has given us so much to reflect on and learn from! 🙂

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