Mentor India In Mumbai – Sharing The Fruits Of Our Labour

Mentor India In Mumbai – Sharing The Fruits Of Our Labour

Last month, we had the opportunity to take Mentor India to Mumbai! Jaideep had the pleasure of teaching two batches of students – 55 from Holy Cross School and 19 from Ankur Orphanage for girls. This program was supported by Reach Social and Welfare Association, Mumbai. He has shared his experiences with us today.

Most of the students at Holy Cross School have dropped out of the formalised school system for various reasons and live in the slums or come from underprivileged backgrounds. The school also tackles teaching kids with learning problems and others who work as household help. They are allotted time with their instructors post-lunch.

The students embraced the idea of Mentor India quickly during our warm up classes, and language was no barrier since their love and respect for us and each other was the common ground. Their teachers at Holy Cross School were equally excited about the programme and attended every single session. In fact, they were keen on doing faculty development programmes with us afterwards!

Mentor India Mumbai
Students participating in the Mentor India programme

We’re proud to have made an impact on all the students we taught and had an effect on the entire educational ecosystem, which includes their parents and teachers. To keep our finger on the pulse, and understand what they liked and disliked, we asked them for feedback (since it was such a success with our SAP volunteers). To keep the activity fun, we asked them to write it down in a creative way.

I received a beautiful big rose from one of the students, and a tea mug from the whole batch, emblazoned with their class photo. Feedback appeared in various shapes and sizes – boats, planes, hearts, wallets, Batman logos, simple cards – it was a wonderful way for them to express their thoughts and have fun while doing so. Some of them pleaded for us to come back, some sent us prayers, some thanked us for the opportunity – and all of it was done with love – our true currency!

“Thanks a million for giving us your precious time. Lot-sa-Luv … Best wishes and prayers… from everyone Open school, Holy cross school”- Headmistress, Holy cross school

“Jaideep is the one person who teaches good and makes us smile and makes jokes for us and also makes class happy. So please please come back to school”- Viraj Poojar

“You teach us very nicely everything and we learn how to speak in front of anyone, we learn to play verbs, we learn grammar, stories, English, vadapav activity, body language and so much we did masti with you sir we will miss you. Thank you for teaching all this, come back soon sir! I want to know more new things” – Tanisha

Mentor India feedback

“I am glad that now onwards I can speak little little English. My six classes was very precious and joyful. If these days was not have been then I would not have been to speak in English. And from you I learned that we should never feel bad that we are weak we should be strong and to try until we success. You taught us that how we should respect our neighbours, friends, teachers and elders. And I was not knowing that whatever is our dream can be soon fulfilled. The Best teachers teach from the Heart Not from the Book. Yes! I need you to teach me. If you will teach me in year than it will help me in my life and my dream can be fulfilled. You can help me to success. I will always pray for you that whatever is your dream may soon be fulfilled.” – Anonymous.

Mentor India Mumbai
Students making their creative feedback forms

“We have learnt many things from you like to be confident and to have energy all the times and many good habits”- Anonymous

“You come back and we will get new knowledge. I like you and respect you. I want to become like you. Please please please come black sir”- Saurav.

Mentor India - Feedback From The Students
Feedback From The Students

This one made us so happy – not the least because the tone was so formal:

“Jaideep must come back the class because he is one of the best teacher in the school, his act of teaching english grammar is very simple. Which every students can understand easily. His action and explanation is wonderful. Children listen the story very carefully. we all like him so much. So it is my opinion he should continue his subject”- Rohit.

Overall, it was a dream come true to take Mentor India to a different state, and we hope that in the new year we’ll be travelling a lot more!

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