Thursday Email – Measuring Immeasurable Impact In Terms Of Growth & Development Of A Child

Thursday Email – Measuring Immeasurable Impact In Terms Of Growth & Development Of A Child
In the midst of celebrating successes, we sometimes fail to measure the immensity of an impact. The immense power of a year of hard work in a school hit us when we as a team were discussing how the lives of the kids we work with would look like without an intervention. We decided to make a timeline to depict the same, and when we reached the end of that timeline, we were so happy with the end statement on the right side than the left! Take a look for yourself –
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Do you see what we see? Do you feel what we feel? The immensity of Madhumitha’s life heading towards “Learning, Recognition, Encouragement, Celebration, Joy, Dance, Fun, Play” vs “Boredom, Directionless, Stay home, Child labor”. Which are the keywords you like better?
If you like the first set of keywords better than the second set, is it safe to assume you share our vision of one day seeing all the students functioning at their highest possible potential?
The children may be underprivileged or from the most affluent family, the keywords might differ, but that does not matter. What we dream to achieve is every student, irrespective of their situation, being able to operate at the best of their abilities and understanding. 🙂
So if you have kids, you work with kids, or even interact with others’ kids, tell us what you think is one thing YOU CAN DO in your capacity towards this direction? We are curious! 🙂
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