Thursday Email – In Your Honest Opinion, What Course Of Action Should We Take For The Upcoming Year?

Thursday Email – In Your Honest Opinion, What Course Of Action Should We Take For The Upcoming Year?


The onset of hot summers have been not-so-gently reminding us that the new academic year is fast approaching, and we have so many butterflies in our stomachs! All the projects we took up last year seemed like Herculean Tasks when they were ideated, especially considering our not-so-great financial conditions. But we decided to live the ideals that our work speaks so highly of; dreaming big! As Swami Vivekananda said, “Arise, awake, and stop not till your goal is reached.”
Inspiration, hard work and emergence were definitely some of the values that paved our way. But the harsh reality we faced last year, being a non-funded NGO, was to apply brakes on our racing cars every now and then, to take a quick detour to have some bells ringing in our trust’s bank account. And to do that, we had to take up many consultation projects, build some websites, and engage in other small undertakings. While we are so grateful to the people who trusted us with these projects, it will be untrue if we said that it didn’t hamper our real work, which is to concentrate on unleashing a student’s true potential. Here’s a glimpse into our financial situation last year-
[Refer featured image]
Every break in our journey translates to a delayed reach to a deserving student. It affects our workflow, it hampers our productivity as a team, slows down our mission, and temporarily fades our vision. We have been training ourselves to cultivate an untiring, greatly motivated mind, but we do wonder how wonderful it would be if we had a choice to work with no pauses. We wonder how much more progress we could make with the students we work with and the level of impact we can achieve with uninterrupted dedicated work!
You have been supporting us in such beautiful ways, and your opinion really matters to help us get some perspective in this direction. Based on current calculations, we need to raise a capital of 35 lakhs for the next academic year. What in your opinion is our best bet?

Should we sacrifice KnowYourStar time and take up more consultation gigs or can you help us raise the money so we can concentrate on impacting the students with a one-point mind? Tell us what you think! 🙂

If you wish to contribute towards our vision, you can donate through Instamojo or transfer to our trust’s bank account –
Bank – ICICI Bank
Account No – 100705001952
IFSC Code – ICIC0001007
With gratitude, smiles and cheers,

Pranita Bhat
Co-Founder at KnowYourStar
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“And as I go along life’s way, reapin’ better than I sowed. I’m drinkin’ from my saucer, ’cause my cup has overflowed!”

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