Mentor India 2.0 – A Village-Raised Volunteer Teacher’s Views

Mentor India 2.0 – A Village-Raised Volunteer Teacher’s Views

Last week, we told you about our rural session from the eyes of a teacher volunteer. This time, we have another volunteer – Mentor Ambresh, narrating his experience from Week 3 of Mentor India 2.0. He has been a core member of our Mentor India initiative since the very beginning, and has contributed highly in the building of our curriculum. He hails from a rural background himself, so his views on Mentor India says a lot!

Here’s what he had to say –

When PE Teacher Taught English

Going to Chikkarasinakere to teach reminds me of my childhood days, since I grew up in a village myself. I can still see the gap that they have over their city counterparts; lack of self confidence, communication and of course English!

Mentor India 2.0

I was lucky enough that our Physical Education teacher had taken initiative to teach us English, when I was in school. Yes, the PE teacher! However the self confidence and communication gap was still there. Not to forget the career planning. Engineering and Medical- these were the premium options, and everything else was for students with lower academic skill. If you don’t want to put 100% effort in your studies and career growth, then go for arts and commerce!

How Mentor India Helps Rural Students

Now here comes Mentor India to the rescue; from motivating these young rural kids to come out of their comfort zones to helping them overcome the inferiority complex and explore the world of opportunities.

Mentor India 2.0

Jaideep had offered me to take up a class in the pilot of Mentor India and give my views. I was blown away by the enthusiasm that these kids showed when I first visited the school. It looked like they were eagerly waiting for our classes all week!

Engagement With The Students

The headmaster was surprised to see students who never came up to the front when their teachers called, being least afraid of coming on stage and speaking up their mind in our classes.

Seeing rural kids get engaged in this way is simply awesome. It reinstates that our methodology of teaching is right. I feel happy when I think of the beautiful atmosphere we are creating once a week for all the students to learn, question, and make mistakes!

The class of Mentor India 2.0

I Volunteered Once And I Will Do It Again

I decided to continue supporting Mentor India in their mission, which has now become my mission too. This is the second season of Mission MI and there are lots of things to be done. Meanwhile Team MI came up with MITRA Pustak, which shows their dedication towards educating rural India. I feel proud to have contributed towards this cause.

So, that was what Mentor Ambresh had to say! We’ve observed a beautiful trend at Mentor India. Volunteers who join us twice, tend to continue with us, very actively! So come, visit us for a class, and be a part of this rural renaissance.

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